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Jubilation Nursery and Primary Schools are English Medium schools, providing an excellent English Medium education and building global capacity for an opportunity to go on to high Schools and Universities. The schools ‘main campus is located in Bungu A, Mianzini area along Jubilation road, off Bagamoyo road, Dar es Salaam baby class (ages 2-3), Middle class (ages 3-4) and Pre-Unit class (ages 5-6). Primary classes are from grade 1-7. Our School Offers, Early childhood and primary education, With both Ministry of education curriculum and Montessori theories. We have a school nurse stationed at school to monitor, advice, counsel and frequently provide health check-up to the children. We also monitor security and safety of the children through integrated cctv cameras. We provide a conducive environment for the disable through our well-designed facilities with regard to ergonomics .

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